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Coty Perfume

Coty Perfume

Century old perfume manufacturer Coty came into existence when François Coty introduced La Rose Jacqueminot to the world in 1904 . Not that it was not a notable fragrance, but what stands out more about La Rose Jacqueminot is the marketing genius behind the perfume. Coty was the first to understand the importance of packaging and more specifically, the need for a beautiful vessel in which to deliver his product. He produced commissioned fragrances to the rich and well-born and also sold his scents to the lesser class in smaller bottles making luxury in the form of his perfume, attainable to all.
In time, Coty’s perfume business grew and made him one of the wealthiest men in France. Over the years Coty, Inc. has gone through numerous changes in ownership and management making it the leading manufacturer of prestige fragrances in the world. Some of the more popular brands that Coty produces for are Calvin Klein, Celine Dion, Lancaster and Stetson to name a very few.
La Rose Jacqueminot, L’Origan and Chypre are among the earliest perfumes by Coty and though the bulk of their business now is in producing, marketing and distributing fragrances for others, Coty still produces perfumes and colognes under their own name. April Fields, Dare, Emeraude and Muguet des Bois are among some of their more popular perfume for women while Aspen, Aspen Discovery, Coty Musk and Gravity are some of their notable colognes for men. 

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