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The brand's first perfume, Mon Bourjois, was created in 1924. The second fragrance, Soir de Paris, hit the shelves in 1928. The so-called Paris-boxes were launched in the 1930. There were several designs with different contents allowing women on tight budgets to own at least a small range of Bourjois' products. The Paris-boxes became instantly popular and have been re-released in newly designed boxes on occasions such as christmas.
After the first perfumes Mon Bourjois and Soir de Paris, the company presented more fragrances that would underline a woman's beauty. Kobako, a leather chypre with citruses, vanilla, jasmine, rose, magnolia, galbanum, cloves, cinnamon, carnation, tonka, lily, orris, benzoin, frankincense, amber, oakmoss, musk and leather was released in 1936. Ernest Beaux created this fragrance. Evasion, a fragrance from the 1950s, contained prominent notes of hyacinth, jasmine, lily of the valley and honeysuckle. Clin D'Oeil Cosmic Girl, a fruity-floral composition based on strong violet and liquorice, was presented in 1998. The Clin D'Oeil collection consists of several perfumes with different notes which were launched one after another.

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